• Mission

    NAFA Philippines aims to be the leading independent service provider of Anti-Fraud solutions to corporations, government agencies and individuals. NAFA will also service law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of fugitives.

  • Membership

    NAFA Philippines supports corporations, agencies and individuals by providing the training and resources needed to prevent, detect and investigate fraud. Become a member and help your country become a better place.

  • Services

    NAFA Services will aid all clients from beginning to end (or as required) to transform any organization or environment to become fraud free. From training to examination to technology, NAFA is well rounded with knowledge and access to all the tools and resources necessary to resolve all fraudulently impacted areas.

  • Report Fraud

    If you have knowledge or suspect activities of fraud in your organization or area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please provide all the necessary details requested in the form. We will maintain confidentiality, secure your information and if required, notify the appropriate agency that can handle your report.

Our Team & Our Commitment

With a highly competent team and strong principles, NAFA aims to deliver only facts with supporting data with the utmost integrity. We strive to only do the best and follow a path that will serve you and your organization progressively. Our training, certification, affiliations, services and all our programs will be of the highest standards even surpassing basic accreditation requirements locally and internationally. Our intent is to not only improve every aspect of business transactions but also to change the mentality that there is a chance to completely eradicate fraud.